About Hoop

Hoop Beauty was founded in 2018 by Kristin Price, her sister Kasey and their friend, Sarah Baker. Kristin and Sarah suffer from multiple rare diseases and have found relief through hemp CBD. Hoop’s mission is to “Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.” When given a choice, choose good. If given the opportunity, give back. Inspire, encourage and lift others up. Feel good about yourself, spiritually and physically. Take care of you. There is only one unique, totally awesome, beautiful you.

Kristin Hope Price


Kristin conceptualized Hoop Beauty after battling with many rare and invisible diseases throughout the course of her life. After a long flare, Kristin realized that her prescribed medications were not working and the side effects were severely impacting her quality of life. She turned to hemp CBD in February 2018 after experiencing years of periodic fevers, severe hair loss, debilitating joint pain, rashes and general malaise. After three weeks on the CBD therapy her fevers subsided. Two months passed and Kristin’s hair was growing back. She immediately set out to secure an internship in a lab working with scientists on CBD and Alopecia. In the meantime, she created Hoop Beauty. Hoop means Hope in Dutch, and that is how Kristin felt the day she discovered her hair was growing back. Hoop was designed to provide customers with a clean, safe, effective and affordable brand, created by relatable teenage girls. #HaveHoop

Kasey Price


Kasey is Kristin’s older sister and has spent a lifetime supporting Kristin through her autoimmune and auto inflammatory diseases. The experience has taught her empathy and the importance of putting others before yourself. Kasey will be a Senior in High School and plans to study business and marketing in college. She spent a portion of Summer 2018 studying climate change and its effects on marine life in Fiji. She is an avid environmentalist and plans to continue working to reduce the use of plastics. She is looking forward to introducing a beauty line that will not only provide health and wellness benefits, but will also be environmentally friendly, non-GMO, pesticide and animal-cruelty free, and completely organic.

Sarah Baker


Sarah has been a close friend to Kristin and Kasey since Kindergarten. Ironically, Sarah suffers from one of the same rare diseases as Kristin, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Sarah’s hands and feet often go numb, sometimes for months at a time. Her collarbone and shoulder dislocate often. This disease is very painful and causes a ton of anxiety. Sarah began taking hemp CBD in June 2018 and has noticed a significant improvement on her joint pain and numbness. When Kristin asked Sarah to join Hoop, she didn’t even need a minute to respond. It was obvious that she would want to work with others to share what she was learning and to help create a clean, natural product inspired by the people who use them.