Our Picks: August 2018

August has stormed in with much drama. Torrential rains and flooding on the East Coast and oppressive heat and wildfires on the West...

August has stormed in with much drama. Torrential rains and flooding on the East Coast and oppressive heat and wildfires on the West. With only four months left in 2018 – WHAAAT?? – Hoop is hitting the gym hard getting back into autumn mode. Time management, meditation, rejuvenation and quick healthy eats are on our minds.

This month we will focus on fresh and delicious meals for school and work, TRX workouts (fast and effective), some of our go-to guilty pleasures, and gearing up for Fall fashion. Leopard, sheepskin and holograms? Vogue gave us a taste of some of the warm, cozy and bold styles headed our way for Fall / Winter, and we can’t wait to try them on. Are you into scarves and checkers, or frilly, fluoro 80’s? We are loving the 60’s hippie vibe, layering and a touch of couture.

Whatever your style, we know you are rocking it!



We are taking August to the gym where hydration is paramount. I never leave home without my white marbled Swell Water Bottle. It is easy to carry around, is dripping with natural tones of seashell, quartz and abalone, and you will be helping Mother Earth with every sip. – Kasey

I am well on my way to becoming a fitness junkie! There is nothing better than a good sweat and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a hard workout. The Sweat with Kayla App has been so much fun and is an amazing addition to my fitness routine. The app offers different circuits and challenges ranging from abs to cardio. My favorite so far is Kayla’s 600-rep ab challenges. They are exhausting and will leave you sore – in the best of ways. – Kristin

After a hard workout and a relaxing bath, my favorite moment is when my head hits the pillow and my Slip Silk Pillowcase. I have been using a silk pillowcase forever not only for the comfort but for the amazing benefits it provides your hair and skin. I always brush my hair before bed and when I wake my hair is still perfectly smooth. Aside from being bed-head free, this pillowcase also prevents split-ends and breakage. – Sarah

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GREENS (and caffeine):

This summer I have been making a smoothie each day with banana, berries, filtered water and Amazing Grass Green SuperFood. End result? A nutritious blend of fruits, veggies, probiotics, and all the vitamins and minerals to keep you going. I love this smoothie because it’s smooth, fruity and leaves me feeling great. – Kasey

When I saw these on the shelf I turned to Kristin and we had the same thought – nah, definitely too good to be true. Girl Scouts® Thin Mints® Chickpea Snacks? Nobody could possibly replicate the mint chocolatey goodness of a thin mint. Oh, but they did! These little roasted chickpeas taste EXACTLY like a Thin Mints cookie. Take it from us former Girl Scouts, and the organization in general, (they licensed the Thin Mints brand name to Biena, so they had to pass some serious taste tests!). These are the perfect snack if you are craving something sweet, they are available year-round, and are made without any artificial ingredients. As a bonus, each serving has 4g of protein! – Sarah

I LOVE COFFEE! It is one of my few morning must-haves. I have spent the summer trying new brands and experimenting with Nespresso and Keurig. Nespresso Caramelito Pods have won my heart. I did have to quit drinking coffee for most of July, (doctor’s orders to reset my alkaline balance), but I’m easing back into August with this tasty morning ritual. This caramel goodness is not too strong, not too sweet, and perfectly delicious. – Kristin


“I think I liked it back when you guys lied to me. Can we go back to that?” Hoop drama? No, Stella. From Life Sentence. The Netflix series I am currently obsessed with and you will be too! This series is full of secrets, twists and honest life experiences. Fill your water bottle, grab a box of tissues, a bucket of popcorn and crawl into bed. You will not regret it. Promise. – Sarah

My phone case has got me like… Honestly! My Wildflower Pink Plaid Phone Case is my August obsession. I love the trendy pattern and looking down at it makes me happy! – Kristin

Lately, my new favorite thing to do is to listen to podcasts in the car instead of music. LadyGang Podcast is HIL-A-RIOUS and super relatable. The amazing trio of Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin and Jac Vanek, (yes, the same Jac Vanek who made those rad bracelets back in 2005 that said things like “Fearless”, “Dreamer” and “Trainwreck”), will make you laugh until you cry. They post a new podcast every Tuesday. I promise, you will become addicted!

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