Kristin mentioned that people have been very supportive of her and her friends’ foray into the business world. “[People] gave me so much hope and encouragement,” she added. “They all gave me the confidence to realize that what I was doing was going to make an impact.”

“If you don’t reach out, then you will never know. The worst thing that can happen is someone closing a door, or maybe not responding at all. But that doesn’t mean that the next door won’t open.” Wise words for a 16-year-old.

Fortunately, Kristin notes, there weren’t many challenges to overcome getting into this friendly, welcoming industry.

“I’m sure that will change at some point. I have been blessed to be surrounded by adults who truly care about me and my dreams. I shared my vision and they are working hard alongside us to help Hoop Beauty grow,” she said.

‘Ah, Kindness’

By means of conclusion, I asked Kristin to pick her favorite inspirational quote and explain why she liked it so much.

“Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world,” she responded, quoting A.A. Malee.

“I don’t see the point of being mean or putting someone down. We never know what someone else is going through or what they have on their mind at that moment. It is hard enough being a teen without having to deal with negativity or feeling like you don’t belong. I never want to be the person that makes someone else feel that way,” she ended.

Kasey Price (17), Sarah Baker (16) and Kristin Price (16) are pictured in the image above, left to right. They are sharing their journey via Instagram (@hoop_beauty) and Facebook (@hoopbeauty). Kristin will also be speaking at CBD Expo East in Orlando, FL, in December, on the “Youth and CBD Usage” panel.